By forming plenty4all coops with families and communities we will establish 5 year partnerships. Plenty4all will bring solaroof projets that will educate and train members of the coop in the use of this technology in growing healthy food and creating clean air and water for themselves and their children.

We will provide a project manager to assist in construction, maintainance and training for coop members. Our director of training and support will work with the management of the coop and train coop members and employees for jobs operating the coop.

Plenty4all will hold 2 votes on the coop board of directors for 5 years. Agreememnts at that time may be extended or renegotiated.

The coop is designated to be a for profit - non-profit business. What that means is that at the end of the business year all profits after expenses must be distrubuted among coop members.

A plenty4all coop is not a donation - it is an investment! It will not only make money, it will provide education in cutting edge agricultural technology providing jobs and life skills to families and their communities.

Most importantly - It will feed children!

Plenty4all project sponsors are investors. They will see a good return in healthy food, meaningful employment and sustainable lifestyles for people all over the world.

With a deep belief in God we hope to help our fellow man by bringing opportunities that empower them with knowledge, dignity, and respect for themselves and each other.

Plenty4All Coop Information